Supreme Healthcare Stress audit helps /provides organization with a structured approach and process to risk assessment which identifies causes, location and effects of stress within an organization.

Stress audit is both a methodology and process of understanding the causes of stress, the adaptation or response to stress, and of identifying potential stress management techniques or a stress management strategy to use in particular situations or circumstances.

Stress Audit by Supreme addresses  the overall patterns of sources of stress, for example stress which originates from career progression, the job itself, the job role, company or organizational structure, interpersonal relationships, and the home/work interface. The response patterns of individuals to the sources of stress which may be present and other potential stressors are examined. Potential remedial actions can be identified and an organizational or individual response can be informed.

Our service of stress management often includes the following outcomes:

  • – Career coaching.
  • – Enhanced employee participation, especially in change processes.
  • – Improvements in the physical work environment.
  • – Improvements in the psychological climate of the organization.
  • – Job redesigning.
  • – Physical fitness or ‘well-being’ programmes.
  • – Seminars on job burnout, helping employees improve their understanding of stress and its effects.
  • – Role analysis workshops.
  • – Working relationship/interpersonal communications improvement workshops.