Carnita Groves is  a Psycho-Nutritionist and also a Psychotherapist. She is from   Denver  and has  earned a B.A. in psychology from UCD, a M.A. in Counselling Psychology from the College of Education at DU. She has completed five years of doctoral study from DU’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology and Argosy University (Denver) respectively.  In recognition for our outstanding expansive community service, beginning at age 15, Carnita was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from the Denver Institute of Urban Studies.  She has been in private practice in Denver for 15 years.  Prior to that, Carnita was a lay counselor for New Hope Baptist Church and True Light Baptist Church for some 17 years.


From an African-centered holistic platform of Ntuology, Carnita specializes in psycho-nutrition with an emphasis mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral sciences. Carnita is a three-term president of the Denver Rocky-Mountain Association of Black Psychologists (D-RMABPsi).  Nationally, she co-chaired the Health Committee of the association’s General Assembly for three years. Carnita has written monthly, integrative holistic mental health articles for the Denver Black PagesTM since 2010.  She has authored and published 17 books on a variety of topics, including a memoir.


Aside from being an avid organic gardener, activist, traveler, and prank aficionado, Carnita relocated to Ghana West Africa.  As she reinvents herself there, she continues writing, publishing, being a literary agent, and holistic psychotherapy

Dr. Carnita Groves

Psychotherapist/Sex Therapist