Dedicated and infused with a genuine passion for improved health outcomes is the maiden if not sole reason I am a Dietitian. My name is Doreen Larvie and I am a Registered Dietitian with the Ghana Dietetics Association (GDA).


My work passion allows me to on a daily basis counsel the populace on fundamental dietary modifications with the planning of therapeutic diets in my work as a Clinical Dietitian. Public education for various entities however remains my first love, possibly because my experiences with volunteer works make me see at first-hand how the absence of knowledge and its spurious forms thereof are a major roadblock to developing and maintaining healthy eating habits.


My work in communities, hospitals, organizations have given me a multifaceted view of ways to offer credible, evidence-based information for maximum results. I daresay I am still on that trajectory. My expectations for the long haul is to see a healthier population devoid of avoidable lifestyle and/diet related conditions.

Doreen Larvie