Jacqueline has worked as a registered pharmacist for 20 years, in various sectors including hospital practice (at 37 military hospital), community practice, (in various pharmacies) and as a medicines quality, safety and efficacy evaluator, and vaccines and biological products manufacturing site inspector (with FDA Ghana and WHO, Switzerland). I like to refer to this as my hard-core scientific role.


From training and experience, she has a deep appreciation for the efficacy of orthodox medication – some are literally life savers. She has also developed a deep understanding of the value of diet and lifestyle in specific diseases which are now commonly referred to as ‘lifestyle diseases.


Jacqueline argues that, It is very common for well-meaning qualified physicians to medicate patients by applying standard therapy rather than to analyse the individual’s situation- determine what needs to change and assess the potential impact of each change in a practical and achievable individualized program – and then add on the minimum necessary medication to achieve treatment goals.


Generally, this depth of involvement cannot be achieved by many health care professionals because there just is not the time available or proper training to do the needed investigation, design a practical program, and provide the necessary support. Main stream health care is simply not designed in this way. Medication which should be the final layer in a treatment plan is offered to the patient first, leading to dependency for life on increasing doses and more complex combinations of expensive medicines because, of course the triggers which led to development of the disease in the first place have not been addressed. I will not even start on medication side effect- that’s a whole different manuscript!


Jacqueline teaches clients how to reclaim their lives- safely and sustainably, so that they feel as healthy as possible in their individual circumstance, and so that they can enjoy feeling better as they look forward to feeling great!


Her most rewarding experiences come from working with clients who have given up on living in joyous health and have stopped expecting to jump out of bed in the morning.


Seeing the positive changes as they journey in re-claiming their lives is the reason I do what I do.

Jacqueline Asgill

Health and Wellness Consultant