Jennifer is a  Personal development specialist In our Team.  She  trains personnel within dynamic organizations and coaches driven individuals (from executives to entrepreneurs),providing them insights into powerful resources and techniques to better understand themselves and others and achieve their desired outcomes.  She combines her passion for excellence, successful living, projecting the right image and positive relationships with her extensive skill set in soft skills and the science of the mind to help bring effective change into individual lives and organisations.


She is convinced that with a resourceful mindset, habits and appropriate personal presentation, all can gain more confidence and reach their potential, be the asset they are expected to be in their roles within organizations and achieve more in their personal life.  Her clients are from various sectors with and have an appreciation for the value of personal/human capital development.


Her career in client-focused roles include 12 years within Asset Management operations in City of London, working closely with the industry’s top fund managers and was responsible for high profile institutional portfolios.Her fantastic interpersonal and communication skills coupled with attention to detail were utilised as she prepared and checked valuations and investment reports.   Training, quality control and reconciliations formed part of her responsibilities as well as liaison with clients, third party custodians and consultants using varied means of communication.


This strong background and exposure to the corporate environment, qualification as an Image consultant (for style &colour analysis) and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner give the perfect skill blend for coaching and training on issues of personal development and professional efficiency as well as skills for better relationships and a more fulfilled life.


Personal sessions with Jennifer will provide clarity and focus whilst enabling clients to understand and change unhelpful mindsets and beliefs which are the result of experience and programming.  Issues connected to emotional trauma can be dealt with and the effects eliminated or reduced, including phobias and personal conflicts as the root cause are discovered.

Jennifer Agyeman

Personal development specialist