A highly competent and enthusiastic Fitness Consultant with proven abilities in helping people to achieve their fitness goals. Penelope possesses a successful track record of evaluating a client’s personal fitness, understanding their needs and then developing a practical and achievable workout routine for them to reach their targets.


Penelope Prempeh has the necessary communications skills required to gain clients trust and thereby their business. Indeed during the last 12 months, she successfully signed up over 220 new gym members.


She Works closely with clients to develop personalised health and fitness plans, offers advice on nutrition as well as encouraging clients, giving them feedback and keeping track of their development.


She is meticulous in her selection of a set of exercises for a client to achieve maximum results, devising fitness programs for weight loss, muscle gain and rehabilitation, conducting fitness and exercise classes, measuring & assessing blood pressure, heart rate, body fat ratio, designing and advising on dietary plans, tracking client’s progress and accurately updating their record and explaining to clients the results they can expect from exercise regimes.

Penelope Prempeh’s specialization evolves Yoga, Personal Training, Lifestyle assessments and Nutrition.

Penelope Prempeh

Health & Fitness Consultant