Victoria Asaman is a passionate bilingual Coach, Counsellor and Consultant trained in the UK and US with a wealth of experience and expertise in providing coaching, counselling and training Individuals, Groups and Organisations


She helps provide solutions to issues that keep Individuals awake at night. Victoria uses a well proven Coaching methodology to help individuals know themselves, overcome their challenges and also identify, inspire and implement their goals. Victoria believes a Culture of engagement/commitment is the Energy that fuels Innovation and Growth in a person.


Victoria likes to make a difference in others. She loves to put a smile in peoples faces; she spends long hours of coaching and counselling for the youth – helping them in their personal development (career choice, relationship, education job search).

She has great-people skills and loves to help people navigate through challenges of work, life and social living.


Her personal experience led her become a Corporate/Executive Coach and Counsellor.


She is also Part-time lecturer/Facilitator at the KNUST where she lectures Team and Conflict management.


Before becoming a Certified Coach, Victoria spent many years in a renowned International Organisation where she was a corporate trainer specialized in SAPHR ERP systems, organizational development.

Victoria Asaman

(Bilingual – French)

Counsellor/Executive Coach